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Journaling is more than a hobby... Writing has been one of Laura’s favorite pastimes since she  was in elementary school. In college, she fused her passion in writing by taking on an Art History major and Sociology minor. Since then, Laura has been on the lookout for any opportunity to let her voice be heard.

In May 2008, Laura presented her paper entitled “Trans=formations: Museums in Landscape” (co-written by fellow graduate school colleague Emily Phillips) at the Transforming Museums Conference in Seattle, WA. She is currently writing for the Baltimore Examiner’s Contemporary Art section and enjoys critiquing the art world on a local, national and international level. In the past, she has also written for and the official Nevin Kelly Gallery blog.

To access some of Laura’s writing online, please click on the links below:
Nevin Kelly Gallery Blog (October 2007 – July 2008)

Other writing samples are available upon request.


One thought on “Writing

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