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Presepe Galore!

Back to blogging about Christmas again…

One thing I really looked forward to during my trip to Italy was seeing all the beautiful and original presepe (or nativity scenes) that pop up around the country during this sacred time of year. We know that Saint Francis of Assisi helped popularize the tradition of the presepe in the 13th Century. The reenactment (also known as a live nativity) and the depiction of the Christmas Story (both live and in figurines) spread in popularity thereafter.

During the Christmas season in Italy, presepes are to the number of Starbucks in New York City: they can be found on virtually every corner of the city, towns and countryside… both indoors and outdoors. Presepes pop up everywhere. The purpose of these nativity scenes (both big and small) is to recount the story of Christ’s birth; yet, at the same time, it also celebrates the artistry of this ancient and beloved craft. Each region uses its own special materials and styles to retell the mystery of the Christmas story. Many times, you will find Bethlehem in the local context, or even staged in a medieval castle!

The magic of Christmas is definitely celebrated in these ornate, beautiful works of art. Cheers to Italy for preserving this tradition and allowing all of us, regardless of race, religion and creed, to enjoy the presepe during this special time of year.


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