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Roma Termini Christmas Tree

Passing through the Roma Termini Train Station during the Christmas season? One cannot simply walk through the station without noticing the huge, 7 meter tall Christmas tree. This Christmas tree stands in the center of the entrance hall and towers over the hustle and bustle of travelers running to catch trains, buses and the metro. Strings of colorful lights and ornaments dawn this tall, pyramid shaped tree and since 2005, have held the secrets, wishes, prayers and desires of many people.

Locals and tourists alike fill the bottom of this tree using scraps of paper, the back of train ticket stubs and other random surfaces. Messages range from letters to Babbo Natale, the Italian version of Santa Claus to proclamations of the real meaning of Christmas and prayers to bring loved ones home for the holidays. Instead of Roma Termini simply a transit site, this tree has become a unique haven for passengers to share. Perhaps PostSecret needs to make another book with notes from this infamous tree?


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