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A New World is Born

“Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born.”    

— Anias Nin, on the mysterious yet poignant gift of friendship

I felt the need to write tonight, 8 months since my last {blog} post. It’s hard to imagine that  8 months prior to tonight, the school year was just starting and I had no idea where it was going to take me. Nonetheless, it’s been a challenging, nerve-wrecking and undeniably rewarding year: the trip to Italy over Winter Break and the staff trip to Turkey over Spring Break amongst the highlights. It was also the year where friendships with some of my co-workers were deepened and now that everyone is going their separate ways, it’s a bit scary to think of what the future may hold.

The past couple of weeks have been a time of processing for me: reflecting on the past 2 years at my current job and wondering what the future holds. About 2 months ago, I found out that my dear friend and co-worker M, whom I have known since the beginning of my employment with the school, is moving back to Chicago. The reality of her leaving is finally sinking in, as farewell parties are held and final goodbyes are spoken. These days, I feel more like a child losing her best friend/lunch buddy than the adult who is able to hold back tears and carry on, promising to keep in touch no matter where life brings us. It was also confirmed this week that several other friends of mine from work are going their separate ways. I feel uneasy about certain administrative decisions, and hope that I have the right words to say to when the timing is right. Through good and back, thick and thin, these ladies have been a great support system for me and it’s hard to imagine working ANYWHERE without people like them.

In retrospect, I have come to realize that working with the same group of close-knit friends/co-workers for more than 2 years has been a routine that I actually enjoy. For someone who bounced around from different jobs, work and internships in the past, having some kind of stability is extremely therapeutic. In the world of education that can be extremely cut-throat at times, having people to stand with and stand by is a treasure to be cherished. Our interactions both in the work place and outside the work place (dinners, social gatherings, traveling together, etc.) are a rare gem that many people don’t have. In fact, many of my other friends are curious as to how such close friendships can exist in the place of work, this day in age!

Looking back, I am eternally thankful to every person I have established a kind of friendship with at school over the past 2 years. These are some of the most courageous women I know, who truly wear their heart on their sleeve and look out for others’ best interests prior to their own. They are open and honest with me and always offer sound advice and wisdom about what to do next. Some of these women have really been through the fire (in life), yet they come out stronger and more determined than ever before. Their attitudes are positive and they remain genuine no matter what the cost. They inspire me to carry on, even in the midst of uncertainty and fear.

After all, to have numerous laugh attacks, be slap-happy and even cry my eyes out (amongst other more private, personal encounters) in front of some of these women is a sign that our friendship is indeed a special gift and uber-awesome blessing from God above.


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