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Happy Monday List (around the WEB)

To shake things up a bit (and to actually HAVE material to post), I thought I’d try out a Happy Monday List (around the WEB) post. Though today is a holiday and I am not exactly at work, I’m doing it for the sake of doing it. And, you get to peek at what’s been on my mind recently. So, here goes…

[ Random Google-age ]

1.) Programmed to LOVE ❤we were NOT programmed to hate, but to love… God, self and others. It is just so clear. I wish more people would embrace this.

2.) Teacher’s Journal – I should start keeping one! Since I am teaching both Art and ESL this year (and subbing for Spanish occasionally, haha), I thought about keeping a Teacher’s Journal to document everything I am learning both personally and professionally. I just don’t want to do it by hand in addition to my regular journal, so online is the way to go. It’s going to be an intensely interesting school year, and I need TONS of time for reflection.

3.) Kettle Corn from Trader Joe’s it’s a NEED, not a WANT (and is oh so addicting). This is what I feasted on all summer long, in addition to Santa Cruz organic lemonade and also what I fed the kids at the art camp I worked at. The perfect summertime munchie…

4.) Natale in ITALIA – che bellezza e splendore! Is it bad that I’m thinking about winter break already? I really need and travel and get out of the country this year for the holidays. Why not do a pilgrimage back to the Motherland? I’m definitely planning this fantasy trip in my mind, especially after seeing a picture like the one below (of Orvieto, UMBRIA, IT during the holidays). It’s been over 3 years (!) and I miss my friends and host family there. E’ allora, si puo’ fare!

and finally… for a bit of fun accessories

5.) the UK jewellry store Accessorize has opened a couple of shops here in the DC Area – so, I stopped by the other night and picked up a fun pair of earrings. Accessorize reminds me of a much nicer/trendy version of Claire’s and the Icing, which many tweens and teens still frequent on a regular basis. This was a nice surprise, and I’m eager to see how well the store does here in the States. Now, if only they’d open a Promod store as well… I have a totally different attitude when it comes to perusing European fashion forward thinking.

What’s on YOUR Happy Monday list?


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