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what lies ahead…

The journey back to reality starts tomorrow, as I embark on yet another school year with its ample share of challenges and surprises. My summer, though busy and productive with work and play, was all too short and I wish I had another week to ease back into the swing of things. There just wasn’t enough time to do everything I had wanted to do. But sometimes, it’s better that way. I spent my last and only week off escaping to places where I could be alone, using these excursions as a time of personal retreat, reflection and prayer. My combined “Giorno da Sola” over the course of this week has done my body and soul a lot of good, just in time for new changes to arise.

Not sure what the future of this blog will look like, though I hope to pop in every now and then to share something in the written form. Perhaps I will turn it into something completely different, in support of my freelance photography business. In any case, I am grateful for the time I have been afforded this past week to contemplate and being present in God. I’ve also been reminded that having the right attitude the midst of uncertainty is what I ought to strive for.

To close this entry and a chapter of my life (with all the lessons learned and insights gained from the last 2.5 months), I wanted to share a quote from the book “Practicing His Presence” which includes letters from Brother Lawrence and Frank Laubach that I had a chance to re-read this week. To make it more tongue-in-cheek: Stop bitching and start a revolution [of gratefulness]! Our world is imperfect, and suffering is a given; what matters more is how we suffer.┬áIn any case, I hope it strikes a chord for those who read it. Indeed, it’s something to keep in mind no matter what…

“Now, what should be your attitude? How do you react to the Lord when He brings things like this upon you? You should hope in Him now more than ever. Thank Him, as I am thanking Him, for the favors He does give you. What favors? For the fortitude and patience He is giving you during your affliction. They are a clear proof that He is caring for you. Comfort yourself then, through Him, and thank Him for everything.”

pg. 79, Brother Lawrence, Chapter XIX “Advice to a Soldier”


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