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Gracias a

Just a quick note to say how ESTATIC I am that LA ROJA has made it to their first EVER Fifa World Cup FINAL!!! As a lover of many things Spanish (because what’s not to love about living your life as if it were a daily fiesta), I am totally supporting the Spanish futbol team on Sunday afternoon. Those of you who know me well might remember my adolescent obsession with European futbol (as well as American women’s soccer), but I don’t watch it as often as I used to and truly, the World Cup is the only thing that gets me excited these days.

I visited the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium in Madrid last summer, and remember getting super emotional seeing all the trophies and memorabilia in the display cases — secretly thinking how awesome a World Cup final would be between Spain and another team. This has now come to pass, and Spain will take on the Netherlands 3 days from now.

And just to throw things out there, I predict a 2-1 victory against the Orange team! Com’on La Roja, show us how it’s done…

P.S. Would ❤ to be in Madrid right now documenting all the action and excitement that will surely NOT fade away. Too bad I did Pueblo Ingles last summer rather than this summer. Anyone want to buy a ticket for me to go back to Spain this weekend?


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