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Ahoy, New England!

Lobster Mac N’ Cheese (1/2 portion) @ Amrheins in South Boston.


the infamous Boston Creme Pie @ Amrheins in South Boston.

[insert name here] is a fabulous American bistro that is famous for its extensive Sunday brunches and what B-town natives name as the BEST Bloody Mary’s and Mimosas in town. The bar area features cushioned leather barstools and long, mahogany tables — perfect for both business and pleasure. The bartenders and servers are extremely friendly and laid-back as well, and will point out their faves on the menu if you are uncertain about what to order. It was my first time trying both lobster mac (seafood and cheese? not so much — but to my surprise it was AH-MAY-ZING) and an authentic Boston creme pie… let’s just say I could have easily fallen into a food coma if I didn’t know any better. Both dishes were creamy and satisfying in their own unique ways. When in doubt, go local: you can hardly go wrong!


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One thought on “Ahoy, New England!

  1. okie… what’s happening? all my friends are into food blogging these days? mipster, u n i know there’s a whole lot of food bloggers out there. but glad we are all still bloggers. hah! random comment eh! forgive me. hope all is well!

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