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spicy curry @ nouveau nyc diner

Thai Coconut Chicken Curry (Veg options available) @ the Lovely Day Cafe in Greenwich Village, NYC

Back to the food bloggin*! This was the perfect meal for a cold and dreary day in the city. We walked in from the rain, wet like drenched rats and consumed delicious and spicy Thai food in a un-conventional setting. Lovely Day is described as “Precisely spiced Thai food in a homey, diner-style space”. The food is prepared by anyone expect Thai nationals, so I was a bit skeptical trying this place out. Turns out my pre-determined conceptions were, once again, wrong and the food made my taste buds dance… plus, it was SO authentic and well-prepared that you could taste both the coconut AND spice flavor in each bite. I would recommend going for lunch, where you can get a main course, edamame and fried dumplings w/ soy sauce for a mere $10 (drinks such as juice, soda, Thai tea & coffee available as an add-on for a couple more bucks). What’s not to love about saving money and eating well in the thriving metropolis of NYC?

Lovely Day

196 Elizabeth St
(between Prince St & Spring St)
New York, NY 10012
Neighborhood: Nolita


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