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Late night thoughts…

Just wanted to muse a little and share some links before going to bed and starting the work week. We had lovely spring-like weather this weekend, which equaled to daily walks and jogs around the lake, plus a delicious Indian buffet lunch catching up with dear friends at Dehli Dhaha. I feel like this is a long weekend as I get to witness a moment in music history tomor-*d’oh*-TONIGHT at the Jennifer Knapp + Derek Webb + Amy Courts concert in Alexandria. SO EXCITED. Be on the lookout for a review of sorts [with pics, hopefully!!] to be posted later on this week.

Now, to categorize:

[new blog name] :: I came up with “viva-SENZA-paura” which translates into “live WITHOUT fear” in italiano as a mantra of sorts for my life. Lately, I’ve been pondering on the concept of fear and how it can hinder you from moving forward in life. Fear can be described as false evidence appearing real” and the more I look at it, is definitely a form of control and manipulation. There were times in my life where I decided that fear was no longer an option and basically took huge risks without really thinking things through. I think I’m getting back to the stage again, yet being far more realistic in the long run… a topic for a later date.

[Lent] :: I realize that I haven’t blogged about Lent yet, so though it’s about 1/2 over, I thought I’d throw in my two cents about what I’ve been doing. This year, I didn’t fast from anything (though I could have done away with sweets), but instead, decided to be more intentional about creating space in my life to let God speak. What started out as a desire to spend more time in prayer and meditation turned into almost nightly reading of the Word and letting it soak into the depths of my soul. My focus has been on the theme of repentance for this season of fasting and prayer, and what it means to walk the messy yet redemptive road with those we are called to love. Without getting too personal, I must say that this has been a cool experience and I am keeping track of what I’ve been learning in my journal. **I am looking forward to hearing others share their experiences on their Lenten journey.

and finally…

[photosafarti] :: my 1x/month weekend activity now has a blog as well. Head on over to to check out what E-Ha and L. Kuah are up to each month. So far, we’ve covered Old Town Alexandria and the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception + Franciscan Monastery in Washington, DC this year.

**Also, if you have any specific ideas of what you want me to blog about, there’s a comment section below these posts that are hungry for some comments. Advise away…


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