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standin* on the edge of myself…

Just a really quick shout-out (for those who don’t know… yet) that my favorite singer/songwriter of all time, Jennifer Knapp, is BACK recording songs and rockin’ out on stage again. Last fall, a friend forwarded an online article to me about her return and I was absolutely thrilled. The video above shows Jen playing a beautifully “stripped-down from it’s rock roots” acoustic version of one of her new songs, entitled “Dive In” at a gig in Nashville this past weekend. She looks just about the same the last time I saw her in concert during the summer of 2002, yet has matured so much both musically and lyrically. Jen will be touring with what I like to call “post-CCM” artists Amy Courts and Derek Webb this spring, and I will be seeing her at the Birchmere in Alexandria, VA on International Women’s Day, 8 Marzo 2010. The excitement is brewing… I simply can’t wait!

Perhaps one day I’ll enlighten you with stories of how her music and lyrics have empowered my life journey and how I earned the nickname “Lil’ Knappster Junkie” — but for now, I will simply share this piercing and emotional performance with you all. The lyrics definitely resonate with me at this point in my life. Wow.

I love that 7 years ago, I was a giddy college student, sporting J. Knapp t-shirts and holding up signs to request my favorite songs at many large Christian music festivals. Two weeks from now, I will be cheering on the comeback of my all-time favorite artist, birra in hand (forse) and hopefully documenting the performance photographically. Oh, how times have changed.


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