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time to revive an old passion?

So, I’m a horrible blogger. And yes, I like to use the excuse that “life gets in the way.” But, since we have just started the season of Lent, which is somewhat all about developing positive {new} habits and letting the negative {old} habits die off, I’ve been thinking about blogging again — perhaps on a weekly basis — at least throughout the next 40 (now 38 or so days) so see what happens. I can’t overcommit, but I would like to dabble in the world of sharing thoughts and pictures again to see where it takes me. Also, several friends of mine have also recently jumped back on the blogger trampoline and have been bouncing off the walls with thought provoking and insightful posts. As one of my friends recently stated, “Now, blogs are no longer in vogue, and the preferred way to keep people abreast of events in life is constrained to 140 characters.” Yes, Facebook and Twitter have taken up the majority of my life. But hey, it will get me *writing* and that’s what I desperately need at the moment.

The purpose of this post is to start somewhere. And for you, the readers, to hold me accountable. I have an unusually busy weekend coming up, so I will need to sign off for now yet promise to post my thoughts regarding the first week of Lent by the end of this weekend. Until then, I will leave you with a pic of what I made for Mardi Gras on Tuesday (yes, the blog might be heavily focused on food, simply because!):

Spirali alla Grappa (senza Grappa, con lampone e zucchero)


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