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just a snippet…

of the fantastic *Columbus Day* weekend I spent con miei amici, road trippin* through 4 states in 4 days! Fun reunions, good eats and drinks, cooking, fellowship, playing games and spending quality time with quality people is a beautiful picture of what living life to the full is all about. This trip was much needed in order to reharge since the school year started. It’s taking way too long to recover from my vacation, so I thought I’d share some pics to begin with… more to come (via Facebook and/or another site):

Geno's in South Philly

with all the Food Network hype, it was unfortunate to discover that Geno’s steaks are now mediocre & overpriced.


Reunion with the lovely KJK and Mrs. K, over a warm lunch & tea at a cute locale in Rehoboth Beach, DE.


BD admiring the physics of the ocean and having a spiritual moment on the beach…

and last, but certainly far from the least…


The correct caption for this pic: Bill jumped first [and the rest followed].


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  1. is kjk my old roomie? tell her i said HI

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