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hot apple cider

Nothing beats a cup of *hot apple cider* on a cold, dreary and rainy Saturday morning in October (wait, is it October or January?). The smell of hot cider brewing on the stove top is absolutely divine. Here is my favorite recipe that I made up when I was craving massive amounts of apple cider last fall:


[hot apple cider alla Lauretta]

1 large gallon jug of Whole Foods’ 365 Brand Apple Juice (pasturized)

7-10 whole cinnamon sticks (remove before serving)

2 regular sized oranges, its juice squeezed into the cider while it’s brewing


a teaspoon of orange flower extract for taste

**optional: leave the orange peels in the cider for a subtle kick

a dash of ground cinnamon (if you are a big cinnamon fan such as myself)

Directions: add the apple juice, cinnamon sticks, juice from the orange (or orange flower extract and peels) in a large cooking pot. Add in the ground cinnamon in once everything has started brewing. Stove should be set on high to get things started, but turned down to medium high as needed. Stir for about 10-12 minutes, or until warm and boiled. Turn the stove off and cover the cider for another 5-7 minutes. Serve and enjoy immediately.

Happy Autumn… err should I say WINTER!?!


just a snippet…

of the fantastic *Columbus Day* weekend I spent con miei amici, road trippin* through 4 states in 4 days! Fun reunions, good eats and drinks, cooking, fellowship, playing games and spending quality time with quality people is a beautiful picture of what living life to the full is all about. This trip was much needed in order to reharge since the school year started. It’s taking way too long to recover from my vacation, so I thought I’d share some pics to begin with… more to come (via Facebook and/or another site):

Geno's in South Philly

with all the Food Network hype, it was unfortunate to discover that Geno’s steaks are now mediocre & overpriced.


Reunion with the lovely KJK and Mrs. K, over a warm lunch & tea at a cute locale in Rehoboth Beach, DE.


BD admiring the physics of the ocean and having a spiritual moment on the beach…

and last, but certainly far from the least…


The correct caption for this pic: Bill jumped first [and the rest followed].

pork butts in a tin container

Roast Pig, anyone?

[notiamo]: Taken at a wedding where I was the main photographer this past weekend. The theme was a Southern BBQ, and I felt like I was on the Food Network. Vegetarians/Vegans/Animal Activists: beware and shield thine eyes! I too, was lost for words and had to look away after performing obligatory photo duties. I mean, how do you respond to a slaughtered, well-dressed pig covered with pineapple chunks and cherry tomato eyes glaring back at you? Yeah, I definitely stayed away from the smoked pork because I was so grossed out. Yeah, the truth hurts, doesn’t it?

In other news, life has flown by like the speed of light… my life is completely different, and I hope to get back into blogging, amongst other things, SOON. So now that summer is officially over, Happy Autumn!!! and make way for pumpkin bread and other fall goodies to come.

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