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Back from a LONNNGGG hiatus…

My most sincere apologies for the long delay in writing. In a nutshell, life has been hectic and crazy since I started working two teaching jobs earlier last spring. I’ve barely kept up with my Contemporary Art column. I also just got back from España for the first 1/2 of June, teaching English with a program called Pueblo Ingles for 8 days in the region of Soria, NE Spain. It was an intensive conversational English program with 20 Anglo volunteers from around the world and 20 Spanish professionals, so we had to work around 12 hours a day speaking only in English, participating in one-on-one conversational activities, presentations, conference calls, telephone calls, theatre, during meals, etc. and in exchange, we volunteers got free room/board and health insurance/transportation costs. It was a great experience and I hope to do it again next summer. However, I’m resolving to get back into blogging this summer, since I have some time off, a plethora of photos to share and many creative juices to entertain.So stay tuned for a new layout and all that jazz… and feel free to throw suggestions my way. Food, culture and the arts are always top choices in my book!

I am leaving you all with a lomography fisheye*d view of Valdelavilla, the rural village I stayed in. Life is more fun when it’s distorted… 

It's not on the map, but what's up with that?!?!!


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