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Art Criticism meets Journalism


Writing has always been a favorite pastime of mine.

Writing has always been a favorite pastime of mine.

In late October, I started a freelance gig with (Baltimore, MD edition) and wanted to share my latest article with you. I should be writing about 3 articles/week on the Contemporary @rt scene, featuring events, exhibition reviews, artist interviews, etc. and would love to hear what you guys think. My official title is Baltimore Contemporary Art Examiner… and I’ve been writing since the eve of the 2008 Presidential Elections. Definitely a WOW moment there! 

Since this job is “pay per click“, please help me out by clicking on my page as often as possible in order to generate site traffic. I will be updating my status on here & Twitter whenever I write a new article. I’m also scoping out other ways to market myself, so please holla if you know of any good sites. For those of you who know of anything interesting going in Baltimore’s Contemporary @rt scene that I might not know (openings, exhibitions, etc.) or know of any cool artists (emerging, mid-level, student… whatever) that you want me to interview, PLEASE let me know. I am now the insider to all things progressive, art-wise, in Balmer City

Noticed I was using a bunch of links? That’s a marketing strategy I’ve learned since joining! Thanks for your support and happy clicking!


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