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Tim Be Told :: Harmonious, Progressive, Pop-Blues-Soul

Tim Ouyang performs an acoustic set at Ebenezer's Coffeehouse in Washington, DC on Friday evening.

Tim Ouyang performs an acoustic set at Ebenezer's Coffeehouse in Washington, DC on Friday

Most of us can agree that songs, written from the heart, can go beyond the superficialities of [generic] sex, love and bling that exists in much of popular music today. And for those of you who think Asians can’t sing, come talk to me AFTER you’ve heard Tim Ouyang (oww oww vocals) of Tim Be Told, an indie pop-blues-soul band based out of Charlottesville, VA.  These guys rocked the venue last Friday night at Ebenezer’s Coffeehouse in Washington, DC. 

Tim Be Told consists of 5 band members: Tim Ouyang (lead vox/keys), Andrew Chae (guitar), Luan Nguyen (guitar, back vox), Jim Barredo (drums) and the lone white guy… Parker Stanley (bass). They’ve been around since 2006 and have been touring the East Coast and Midwest promoting their debut CD, “Getting By”, which released in the summer of 2007. With each gig performed, these guys captivate new listeners with their stirring guitar hooks, passionate melodies and penetrating lyrics that celebrates honesty, change, redemption and hope.

Tim Be Told is also very social justice focused. At Friday’s concert, Tim Ouyang spoke of an article on slavery that he recently stumbled upon, about the number of slaves in the developing world being the highest in 2008 (ie. Darfur, child-trafficking in SE Asia). Despite the fact that America is in the middle of an economic crisis, Tim urged us to be more aware of what’s going on globally, instead of focusing on ourselves. The article also inspired a song on their forthcoming CD, and is just the kind of music we need in our broken world today.

Tim Be Told, LIVE... in concert!

Tim Be Told, LIVE... in concert!

For more information about TBT, please visit their website, Facebook fan page & MySpace site.

To view concert pictures taken by moi, please click here.


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