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An IDEAL Mix-Up: Opening this Saturday

Please join us THIS Saturday, 26 January 2008 at 4pm for a lecture on Polish art by gallery director Nevin Kelly. Refreshments will follow the talk…

An Ideal Mix-Up: A Winter Group Exhibition at the NKG
January 16 – February 24, 2008

A group exhibition that includes works by the contemporary Polish artists that helped launch the gallery in May 2003 and the many local artists who have joined the gallery along the way. The exhibition celebrates both the gallery’s origins and its development as a platform for showcasing emerging trends in local art. Unlike most group shows, which remain static during their entire run, works in this show will be hung and re-hung in stages as works are sold or anchor pieces are moved to share the spotlight. The exhibition will feature works by local artists Sondra Arkin, Joan Belmar, Ellyn Weiss, Mary Chiaramonte and Laurel Hausler and by Polish artists Edward Dwurnik, Darek Pala, Krzysztof Kokoryn, Pawel Król, Lukasz Huculak and Michal Zaborowski.

Laura M. Kuah, Gallery Assistant
Nevin Kelly Gallery
1517 U Street, NW
Washington, DC 20009

Tel.: 202-232-3464
Fax: 202-232-3465



I am excited to share that one of my photos have been PUBLISHED in the Milan – Neighborhood Guide online via Flickr. To view, click here, scroll down to “Porta Romana” (the neighborhood this is featured in) and look to the right of the screen. My Flickr alias is Pookalali08 and this is the famous photo that was included in this month’s guide!

forward to the future :: happy 2008

A new year, a new beginning – time to shred away the old you and embrace what is to come. 2007 was an amazing, whirlwind of a year filled with adventures that took my ARTISTIC career to the next level. Studying Asian art at Sotheby’s Institute – London, attending art fairs such as MiArt in Milan and ArteFiera in Bologna, traveling to Istanbul to admire the art of the Islamic world and finally, finishing out my graduate studies with a BANG by taking on an internship at Le Case d’Arte in Milan! The latter part of 2007 turned out to be uneventful for the most part, besides my part-time collaboration with the Nevin Kelly Gallery and a desire to figure out where this passion is taking me in life. Nonetheless, I have high hopes for 2008 and look forward to whatever it throws in my face.

Some of my professional/artistic goals for 2008 include [but are not limited to]:

[x] Finding a full-time job with a decent salary I can live off, with an organization that is at least semi-involved with the arts and learn as much as possible
[x] Submit paper abstracts, get published and maybe even present my research
[x] Get some freelance digital photography & art criticism gigs
[x] Attend as many art fairs/exhibitions/festivals as possible – and blog about them
[x] Get my mojo back as far as creativity goes

In attempts to revive my creative side and get the juices flowin’, I’ve taken on a huge challenge [as of this morning]:

I am now a participant of the 365 Days Project on Flickr. By taking self-portraits for a total of 365 consecutive days, I hope to awake the muse within and play around with the myriad of functions (some of which I didn’t even know existed!) on my camera. Since some people consider me borderline narsasisstic due to my obsessiveness with taking random shots of myself, why not experiment in all directions and share my creations on the web? After all, this project, no matter what happens, is ultimately the celebration of my life! Isn’t that what art is all about? Anyway, check back often for the updated set.

Cheers to life, and may 2008 be a memorable one!

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