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Senti con la MENTA…???

I have returned to the country where @rt always sits on its ass in a museum and does nothing, where the majority of the people who attend “Blockbuster” exhibitions go mainly because they enjoy looking at pretty pictures and where risk-taking is a definite no-no…… =( Alas, I’m stuck in Washington DC, yet again. I long to be back in Europa, but I guess its time to identify the movers and the shakers in the good ol’ US of A while I’m still here.

However, before I left the beauuutiful BOOT, that is, Italia, I had the opportunity to attend the 52nd International Art Exhibition: La Biennale di Venezia. The Venice Biennale was amazing yet a bit too much of a visual overload, and too much to sum up all in a review (will probably end up being a dissertation — ahhh, run for the HILLS). Robert Storr is a freakin’ genius and the overall exhibition was executed very well. And heck, it took place in VENICE… who can possibly complain about that? So, I made it easier for all of you who were unable to see it (goes on until mid-November) to experience it via this slideshow video a la’ IMovie on my new, freakin’ awesome, MACBOOK PRO.


Enjoy it, and stay tuned for more blogs to come on exhibitions in museums, galleries, public spaces and wherever the journey of life takes me!


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